Asha - Mangalore

Project: ASHA

Client: Mrs. Asha. P. Shetty

Status: Completed

Area: 4500 sqft

Location: Mangalore

“Details are not details. They make the Design.“

'ASHA' means hope, hope to create a residence that can be recognized for its innovation and experiential quality achieved through sophistication interlaced with elegance. ASHA revolves around being modern & traditional. Our focus was to create a place that reflects its occupant's strong personality and aspirations, the design defines luxury, glamour, opulence in each detail yet has a peaceful aura about it. A focused effort was made to make a magical effort from intricate panels on the ceiling to approx 14" long waterfall at the entrance to provide a spiritual/traditional and calm welcoming effect.

The imperial master bedroom radiates mellowness with its rich pure colour, textures and warm décor other bedrooms make a grand statement in terms of design and various textures. All the floors cheerily open into the balcony facing the ocean making the ambiance energizing and positive. Special efforts were taken to design the details for the Terrace, as it should make one feel that you’ve entered a privileged space not meant for just relaxing but also a bold design statement.

Complimenting the entire décor there were large windows that fill the home with natural light bringing in more warmth. Lighting whether man-made or natural played an important part in giving the character to the décor