Project: G77 Penthouse

Client: Mr. G. Shetty

Status: Completed

Area: 3500 sqft

Location: Bangalore

The desire to create is one of the deepest yearnings of the human soul. Our aim with this project was to make our imagination run sky-high. Overall impression of warmth, sophistication and vibrant atmosphere which in other words describes the personality of the owner.

G77 being a luxury penthouse house had all the required factors to make it look hip, stylish, vibrant, modern , luxurious with a Traditional touch. Few civil changes were done to create open terrace gardens to enjoy the view of the city skyline and to incorporate the natural form of light. Modern art, various forms of wall art with lights played an important role in creating a vibrant yet warm look.

Old record discs were hand-painted with faces of musical legends and wall paintings like that of the guitar were done in the bar section to add vibrancy in that particular section.

The entire project had bold colour palettes like black, grey, gold and ivory. Materials, textures & elements like water and fire in the form of a fireplace in a customised coffee table were powerfull tools which were used wisely and creatively.