Villa 8

Project: Villa 8 - a Riot of colors

Client: Mr. Abhinav

Status: Completed

Area: 2800 sqft

Location: Bangalore

This ultra-premium & exclusive 3 bedroom duplex villa features incredible use of vibrant colors & different materials. The client brief was simple - Keep It Colourful and Bright. The entire villa plays with a vibrant color palette in all areas ranging from teal, green, gold to dark blue.

A blue wall with customized wall light installation functions as the backdrop to a sophisticated six-seater dining set. The foyer, balcony, and terrace had a completely green tropical set up with an open jacuzzi installed in the terrace. Space aesthetics in multiple breakout areas are created to prolong design cravings of the owner.

The main living walls were done in natural stone along with a massive 6' fireplace below the TV panel, the sofa was a complete riot of colors especially handpicked to add the color element.